Many brands are looking for ways to increase traffic to their sites and have a wider reach.  One way to get this kind of exposure is to work with social media influencers in various markets. It’s very important to find an influencer in your niche. Since he/she is already an authority in that niche, they can influence their fans to purchase your services. Having the right social influencer goes a long way in ensuring that your marketing campaign is successful. In this article, I’ll show your 6 steps that will lead to a successful social influencer marketing campaign.



When developing a social influencer marketing campaign, you need to properly define its place or role in your overall business goals.  Determining the goal of your campaign gives you the right order of implementation so nothing is left to chance. It’s not enough to get a social influencer for the target audience. You need to define every thing the social influencer will do. It helps to run things seamlessly.

 The social influencer can help with the following:

Product Launches

Event Management

Public Relations

Reputation Building

Brand Loyalty



Don’t just look for influencers who have a large following. They must become personal with your brand and must be ready to back your product and service.

There are certain things to consider when determining the right social influencer for your brand.

They must have a large and active audience.

They must be very active on various social media platforms.

Their style and profile must match your brand.

They must be relevant to your brand’s customers.



Once you have decided on your social influencer profile, it’s time to search for influencers that will fit the profile. You must determine what kind of influencers you are willing to partner with. Just because they meet your conditions doesn’t mean you can work with them. You must study and understand their profile to determine if they are a match for your brand.

There are 2 ways to search for influencers.

You can either search manually or use an influencer marketing tool.

Manual Search

To search manually, you can use hashtags to search for people who are already posting or discussing about your brand. You might lucky to find a popular figure talking about your brand. This would be a perfect place to woo them about becoming an official ambassador for your brand.. You can also do a keyword search on various social media platforms to find out influencers in your market or influencers posting about your competitors. You can reach out to well-known influencers in any niche, as they can easily recommend the right influencer for your niche. Some social media platforms also give recommendations based on the influencers you are following.

Influencer Marketing Tools

There are different influencer marketing tools that you can use. Some are free and some are paid. Some of these include:


These tools will help you save loads of time but choosing the right tool should be based on your influencer marketing goals. Keep in mind that whatever tool you choose, it must be able to connect, interact and recruit your influencers. The perfect app should help you monitor your campaign progress.



Once you’ve shortlisted the influencers you can work with, it’s time to connect with them and build relationships. Reach out to them directly and get to know everything about them. Make sure you always keep your goals in mind when relating with influencers. Influencers would rather deal directly with business owners than with agencies. They are more responsive to businesses that reach out to them directly.

Getting to know your influencers helps you to properly align your marketing goals to fit with the influencer’s style and brand. This way, both sides will benefit from the relationship. For instance, promoting your brand will also promote your influencer’s brand. Dealing with them directly and maintaining a right relationship makes it easier to monitor your progress.



Incentives do not necessarily have to be about money. There are different ways to reward your influencers. There are different motivations for different influencers. Some influencers want a large following, others money and some just want other perks.

Knowing what their motivation is makes your negotiations easier. The most common incentive is money. Other freebies include branded products, free trips, discount vouchers and many others. For instance, a Fashion designer can decide to give their influencers free clothes for the duration of the contract.



You must be able to determine whether your social influence marketing campaign is meeting all the desired goals. For instance, by assessing your influencer marketing tool reports, you should be able to measure whether you have made more progress by incorporating influencer marketing into your overall marketing strategy.


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